New Miss California Prefers Real Marriage, Too

As you can probably tell by the lack of posts on the subject, I couldn’t care less about the issue of gay marriage. I tend to lean more against it than for it, but overall, it’s something I don’t lose a whole lot of sleep over.

However, I have been following the ax job the media has pulled on Carrie Prejean, the Miss California representative who voiced her opposition to gay marriage when asked about it by Perez Hilton at the Miss USA Pagenent. Or I should say, the former Miss California since she was officially stripped of her title yesterday. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone brave enough to voice an opinion in a country that says it values free speech, only to have the media do everything in their power to destroy that person’s life (*cough* Joe the Plumber *cough*).

Well, it appears that Perez Hilton and his henchmen still have some work ahead of them. Apparently the new Miss California, Tami Farell, holds the exact same views on gay marriage as Carrie Prejean.

Get your throwing arm warmed up, Perez, because you have a new batch of poo to fling, you troglodyte rectal wart.

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