#21 Vs #31

With the release of Pacman Jones and the trade of Anthony Henry to the Lions for John Kitna, the Cowboys are going to be looking to their young cornerbacks to step up big time this season. Second year CB Mike Jenkins knows that expectations will be very high for him, especially since the Cowboys drafted him in the first round in ‘08. There’s a great article about Jenkins and the upcoming season in the DMN today.

You’ll notice that right off the bat, Todd Archer mentions one change Jenkins has already made is to switch his jersey number from 31 to 21. Apparently Roy Williams (the safety) told Jenkins that 31 is jinxed. Jenkins also wants to honor his friend Sean Taylor, who died two years ago.

This got me to thinking about the numbers 31 and 21, and what their recent histories have been with the Cowboys. After reviewing the facts, I think Jenkins might want to reconsider his decision.

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